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Let ASC come to you!
We offer the following outreach opportunities to bring science
to life in your classroom or school.

Science Assemblies
Maximum of 125 students

Grades K-6
Use fossil replicas to compare dinosaurs with animals alive today and discover ways paleontologists use these clues to understand how dinosaurs adapted to their environments.
Standard 2, Flow of Matter and Energy: Standard 3, Biodiversity and Change: Standard 5

Living in Space

Grades 1 – 4

Think you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Learn how astronauts live, work, eat, sleep, wash and even use the bathroom during space travel!
Motion 11, Forces in Nature 12

Science Ball Game
Grades K – 8

Can you dribble a bowling ball or use a banana as a hammer? Boost your understanding of science with exciting experiments, demonstrations and challenges while learning about the skeletal system, states of matter, laws of motion, kitchen chemistry or other STEM topics.
Matter 9, Energy 10, Anatomy and Physiology 5

What’s the Matter?
Grades 3 – 8

Explore solids, liquids, gases, and plasma in fun demonstrations and exciting experiments. Use extreme temperature changes to see matter change phases when energy is added or taken away. Materials fee of $40 per program is required.
Matter 9, Energy 10

$275 each for first two (plus mileage)
$200 for each additional assembly offered on same day
$4 extra for each student above 100 (Maximum: 125)
One program choice per date

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