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45 minutes, $2 per person

Prepare your students for the field trip with Teacher Support Materials that provide vocabulary lists, student activities to use before and after your visit, science content strands, exhibit connections, and resources. Need to know the specific Science Standards for your grade level? Download the helpful Science Grade Level Expectations to match our programs to your curriculum.

Amazing Reactions!
Grades 5 - 10
75 Students

Teacher Support Materials   

Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Is it a physical or chemical change? Decide for yourself with demonstrations that produce hot and cold reactions, show color changes using acid/base indicators, and release energy in the form of light. Discover how chemistry is part of everyday science from the products you choose to the fireworks you watch on the Fourth of July!
Matter: Standard 9
Energy: Standard 10

Extreme Weather

Grades 4-12
75 students
Teacher Support Materials 
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Learn how the Sun's massive size and incredible heat energy drives weather on Earth from thunderstorms to tornadoes. Explore the tools meteorologists use to take measurements and predict weather. Find out why warm, moist air feeds storms and how to become a storm-spotter.
the atmosphere: standard 8, energy: standard 10, motion: standard 11, forces in nature: standard 12 

Making Waves
Grades 3-12
75 Students
Teacher Support Materials  
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Students discover how waves are part of their daily lives from sound to water to light and energy. Vibrations made on a spring introduce students to the parts of a wave and demonstrate the relationship between frequency and wavelength. They will observe how faster frequency waver waves result in shorter wavelengths. Using sound waves, students learn how frequency and wavelength determine the pitch.
energy: standard 10, matter: standard 9, forces in nature: standard 12
math standards: numbers and operations

Energy Transformations
Grades 3 - 8
75 Students 
Teacher Support Materials

Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
Explore the science of heat, light and sound energy. Large lightning-like sparks, glowing plasma, and UV light demonstrations will have your students on the edge of their seats!
Matter: Standard 9, Energy: Standard 10, Forces in Nature: Standard 12

What's the Matter?
Grades 3-8
75 Students
Teacher Support Materials
Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
It's all about the states of matter in fun demonstrations and exciting experiments using liquid nitrogen. Become atoms in role-playing activities and see how atoms move differently in a solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Materials fee of $30 per program is required.
matter: standard 9
energy: standard 10


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