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The Adventure Science Center and the Educational Touring Theatre bring science and historically based theatrical productions to life at your school. Choose from Electricity or the Laws of Motion as your theme. Only one theme can be presented in a visit. Each theme offers a hands-on workshop as an enhancement to the program.

Theatre presentations are approximately 55 minutes long with an audience maximum of 150. Workshops are about 55 minutes long with a maximum of 30 students per workshop. Choose only from the Electricitiy show/workshops or the Newton show/workshops.

Giants of Electrical Science - Grades 4-8

Who was the greatest electrical scientist of all time? This fast paced, interactive theatre presentation will help answer that question, as Benjamin Franklin, Alessandro Volta, Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison vie for the title of "Giant of Electrical Science." With the help of student volunteers, each scientist demonstrates his special contributions to the science of electricity. Along the way, students learn all about electricity and how it works.


The Electricity Party - Grades 4-8

Like "natural philosophers" (scientists) of old, your students are sure to be "energized" with this hands-on exploration of electricity. Working in small groups, students build their own electrical storage devices and create human electrical circuits! Students may explore electromagnetism as they build their own motors. Your students may be shocked to discover how much fun learning about electricity can be! All materials will be provided.


Sir Isaac Newton: The Apple & Beyond - Grades 5-8

Introduce your students to the life and science of history's greatest scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. This fast paced, interactive, educational theatre program debunks the old "apple on the head" story, while highlighting Newton's monumental discoveries in gravity and motion and light. Sir Isaac Newton: The Apple and Beyond is a unique, one-man presentation that blends science, history, and theatre while helping your students see the man behind the genius and view science as an ongoing process of exploration and discovery.


Move It! - Grades 5-8

In true Adventure Science Center tradition, this fun-filled workshop keeps students hopping as they explore first-hand the wonderful world of physics. Move It! takes your students through a whirlwind of hands-on activities as they delve into Newton's Laws of Motion. The workshop size is kept small to provide your students with the optimal physics experience. A complete curriculum guide, including follow-up activities, is provided.


Program Fees:
$700: Basic Package (1 theatre presentation and 1 workshop sessions)
$100 for each additional program.
$75 for each additional workshop

Additional travel fees may be applied. Please contact ETT for travel fees to your area.

Booking Information:
To schedule a performance and/or workshop, contact:

Educational Touring Theatre
Phone: (615) 773-4169


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